Chairwoman / Zahng Gil-jah
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Former Mayor of Seoul City / Lee Myung-bak
President of the KAPCAN / Lee Bae-keun
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Chairwoman of the International
WeLoveU Foundation Zahng Gil-Jah
What is truely needed in our society is a warm heart, that is, love

All people want to live a happy life. However, regardless of their will, sometimes they slip into depression and live an unhappy life; such is life. According to the principles of nature, if a man is lacking even in the smallest thing, he becomes uneasy and anxious, and fails to follow the right path in life, which can even make the global village dreary.

Now, we live in an age of globalization. Nevertheless, people are closed-minded and alienated from one another. The virtue of sharing and giving is gradually lost, and people become individualistic and self-centered rather than living together in harmony. Many people pursue their own success and happiness, and there is no room in their minds for others. They forget to stretch out a loving hand to those who live in pain, being left behind or falling down. What is truly needed in our society is a warm heart, that is, love.

The International WeLoveU Foundation feels sorry about this situation which our society is in, and has concerns about sharing happiness which everyone desires. For a healthy society and a hopeful future, we’d like to share love with those in need through systematic welfare activities. We look forward to your continued concern and support for the growth of the International WeLoveU Foundation.

Chairwoman of the International WeLoveU Foundation Zahng Gil-Jah